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Other Services
Kauai Estate Law, LLLC provides a full range of legal services in connection with estate planning, estate and trust administration, asset protection, and health care planning. In addition to the creation and modification of wills and trusts, and the administration of estates, the firm can:

  * Create ordinary, durable and springing powers of attorney, both general and special, to assist in the management of property and other matters;

* Provide guidance for recipients of inherited property and trust beneficiaries, with respect to options for distribution and roll-over, tax consequences and other considerations;

  * Represent estates, trusts, and other entities, including will contestants, in estate and trust-related litigation;

  * Provide counsel and assistance with charitable bequests and trusts, the creation of conservation easements, and lifetime giving;

* Assist with ancillary probate services for decedents from other states who owned property in Hawaii, and transfers of Hawaii property to and from trusts.

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